My wife and I are SO right there with you. (I’m also a spec-fic novelist. So hi!) We haven’t left church yet but we feel so alienated by people we love and care for and respect because they heap adoration upon this grotesquely immoral man. If they could get away with it, I really think theyd celebrate him corporately in church. Members of my own family treat him like a beloved monarch — and me like a pariah. I’m a backslidden, misguided, brainwashed snowflake who’s entire faith is suddenly in question.

Please, please forgive if this comes across as self-promotion, but I have to share this because I was reading about myself while reading your article, so I feel certain you’ll see yourself in mine. It’s something I just wrote and posted a few days ago, and the response on social media has been exactly what you’d expect. It’s the first time I’ve published something this political and potentially inflammatory, but I’m proud of how it turned out and just as proud to have my name on it.

(Please overlook the drastic lack of content on my site. I just overhauled and redesigned it, and I dumped all my old content to start fresh and talk about things that really matter to me most.)

Thanks again for sharing your feelings about Trump and the church. You have spoken into life the feelings of many who are afraid to speak.

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Unlikely warrior fighting invisible illnesses and visible human stupidity. Storyteller by trade, ninja by imagination. Sports above-average beard.

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